Here we want to tell, why Synchronlamping should become still Olympic best of all already in 2008 in Peking.

At least, there are in the Olympic games, at least, already 28 sports which contain 301 medallion handing over. (State in 2004), nevertheless, every year new disciplines come. And one should become of it best of all Synchronlamping.
Nowadays there are already so many useless disciplines with Olympia at whom itself no one more looks, there a high-quality and demanding sport should not be absent thus like Synchronlamping. This sport offers an unbelievable Teamwork and claims a huge concentration and body control from the sportsman. Without this it would not be possible at all to switch on the lamp really precisely synchronically again.
And the fact that the Synchronitšt may not be overlooked - also not in Olympic games - one recognises already today by the synchronous swimming, an as difficult sport like the Synchronlamping, and the synchronous jumping with the high diving.

In contrast to these really prominent sports there are the Olympic disciplines which are really good nothing. Or is it for the purposes of the sport that riders torment her horses, while they hunt them about a three-day event course, although, besides, already enough horses became seriously injured or even have died? If is such a discipline (from sport, besides, we do not want to talk rather at all) to unite possibly with the Olympic thought?
Or how does it look with Curling? There some housewives and househusbands with her broom run by the area and try to accommodate possibly many of her saucepans in a purpose circle. One can play this on the home tiles (provided that one has then which) and, besides, would make itself not half as ridiculous, because the pictures get at least not to the general public.
An other Olympic "Anti" sport is Skeleton. A few mad ones slide on her floor mat in an ice canal under it and try to come very healthy below. Who has looked in the last Olympic games in Salt Lake City once, has noticed with the fact that there have been so many falls, how still with no discipline there. If this injury danger is compatible with the Olympic games?

Some of these called sports must hopefully retire sometime again from the Olympic program, as well as it has already met many before them. Besides, an especially stubborn candidate is the tug of war that earlier once - from 1900 to 1920 - was Olympic, then from the program was taken and applies now again for the participation.

With it we would also already be with the next point, the new applications. There are many sports which apply for a participation in the Olympic games, and before many of it does not need to hide Synchronlamping.
There are, on the one hand, the sports which are simply cribbed by another sport. The prime example moreover offer net ball, basketball and the well-known discipline basketball. (as only ones from this at the moment Olympic) Who would like to compare them once, can act on the following sides:, - Most will probably know basketball.
For what one needs all these disciplines which look alike anyhow everything if one can get a completely new sport interesting for high like Synchronlamping?
Also it looks with "Bandy", a sport which apparently owns only 10 national federations worldwide. In any case, from the graphics of the official Bandy homepage to the hockey and hockey enormously similar sport. Who can explain moreover the closer to us, we ask that to do this about our email contact or the forum. Also here the as good as new sport should receive Synchronlamping clearly the advantage.

Admittedly for the head and the concentration as strenuous as Synchronlamping two applicants are a chess(check) and bridge. However, the question really(actually) positions itself whether one can call a card game(a pack of cards) like bridge seriously sport; and these should simply be Olympic disciplines. Consequently a clear advantage for Synchronlamping.

Another choice criterion for Olympic disciplines should be of course also the attraction on spectator. Here Synchronlamping with his inimitable elegance and versatility promises bulging full rostrums. Not to compare, besides, with Synchronlamping is the applicant Unterwassersport (Underwater of the sport) to which among other things underwater rugby and underwater hockey belongs apparently, however, also fishing (fishing). How you're welcome should one look to himself at a sport which takes place under water? One sees neither the sportsman, nor at most everything can have a look at any actions of the active live, on a screen. There one can immediately stay down at home before the television. This is no comparison to that what would offer us Synchronlamping in Olympic games. Who wants to take these sports closer under the magnifying glass, this can act under